Gambaran Pengetahuan Ibu Tentang Persalinan Berat Badan Lahir Rendah (BBLR)


  • Purnama Dhani Siregar Akademi Kebidanan Matorkis
  • Nurmasinar Siregar Akademi Kebidanan Matorkis


Mother's Knowledge, Low Birth Weight Delivery


Low Birth Weight (LBW) is a baby born weighing less than 2500 grams regardless of gestational age. Age that is not yet full term (premature) means that babies born with gestational age less than 37 weeks and birth weight (BB) is smaller than the gestation period, which does not reach 2500 grams. This type of research is descriptive, namely to find out the Description of Mother's Knowledge about Low Birth Weight (LBW) in Maternal Maternity in Sihopuk Baru Village in 2019. The results showed that the general description of maternal knowledge about low birth weight belonging to the tofu category was 55.28%. The general description of mother's knowledge is the category of knowing as many as 15 respondents (50%), very knowledgeable category 11 respondents (36.7%), and the category of not knowing as many as 4 respondents (13.3%). The description of mother's knowledge based on age classified as know, namely the highest age 26-30 as many as 8 people (66.7%), based on education classified as knowing the highest was SMA as many as 5 people (71.4%), based on occupation the highest was IRT with the tofu category is 3 people (75%), based on the source of information has the same percentage (50%), and based on parity the primiparous tofu category is 3 people (60%). From the research test results obtained r = 0.941 = 0.885 or 88.5%. Born annually, 96.5%.




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